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About Us

The term ‘Organic’ means ‘close to nature.  Just like us, each dog is born unique which means that during our physiotherapy and behavioural sessions, we approach every dog in a holistic manner and tailor each session to their individual needs.


As veterinary physiotherapist's, our aim is to develop trust and a symbiotic relationship with each animal to create an enjoyable and comfortable experience. 

 We use a science based multi-modal approach towards physiotherapy and rehabilitation, including manual therapies, electrotherapies and exercise prescription.


We offer our veterinary physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home.


Dalmatian Dog

Meet the Team

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Veterinary Physiotherapist & Trainer

Kate BSc (Hons), PgD Vet Phys, MIAAT is a Fully Certified Veterinary Physiotherapist and Dog Behaviourist and Trainer (ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac) with a 1st Class degree in Physics.


Kate is also a professional member of INTODogs, ICAN (International Companion Animal Network), UK Behaviour and Training Charter, Pet Industry Advocacy International and the PPGUK (Pet Professional Guild UK)


Kate has recently been appointed  Chairperson of INTORescue.


Kate has extensive experience with anxiety-based behaviours, reactivity, guarding, barking, puppy training, compulsive disorders, lead pulling and many more.   She has also been pivotal in the running and restructuring of multiple animal rescue centres over the last twenty-five years both in the UK and in America.



Manager and Product Development

Shay manages and runs Organic Dog Company and has a background in food nutrition and product development. 


Shay is IMDT certified in Animal Welfare and Professional Day-care and Boarding Management.  She is currently completing her BSc in Veterinary Bioscience and is also certified in Canine Health and First Aid  has a BA in Business and Marketing.


Shay has extensive experience working with dogs having spent the last 8 years as managing director of an award winning pet care company.


Shay is passionate about animal nutrition and health and advocates a holistic and organic approach to lifestyle and diet.

Mobile Veterinary Physiotherapy


Looking for expert veterinary physiotherapy services for your furry friend? Look no further - We come to you!

  • No stressful visits to the vets office.

  • Flexible scheduling to suit you.

  • Specialising in pain, post-op rehab, arthritis & mobility


Most pet insurance will cover all costs.

We work closely with your veterinarian and provide detailed progress reports to keep you informed every step of the way. After our initial assessment, we will provide a bespoke treatment program dedicated to the individual needs of the patient. 


This holistic approach to our programme of treatment allows us to treat every patient uniquely to help them heal at the fastest pace possible.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment


Dog Running

Dog Behaviour 

and Training 


Force-free dog training is a humane and organic approach that relies on rewards such as treats, toys, praise, and affection, allowing the dog to make choices that result in positive outcomes. Force-free training is an effective, humane, and enjoyable approach to training that can benefit dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. We are here to help with issues such as:

  • Aggression - helping dogs overcome fear, anxiety, and aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, animals, or humans.

  • Separation anxiety - helping dogs cope with being alone.

  • Fear and anxiety - helping dogs overcome fears and phobias, such as fear of loud noises, strangers, or certain environments.

  • Unwanted behaviours - helping dogs overcome undesirable behaviours such as excessive barking, jumping, digging, or chewing.

  • Training for specific tasks - helping dogs learn new behaviours and skills.

  • Introducing new pets - helping dogs adjust to living with new pets and preventing conflicts between them.

  • Leash reactivity - helping dogs learn to walk calmly on a leash and avoid reactive behaviour towards other dogs or animals.

  • Resource guarding - helping dogs learn to share resources such as food, toys, or attention.

Happy Clients

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Dog at the Beach
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“I know Kate to be an honest person someone whom I trust, her work with dogs as a Behaviourist practitioner is amazing as she’s always promoting kindness and empathy whilst also using science-based methods of positive reinforcement. There are not many behaviourists that I trust … but Kate is most definitely in amongst those that I do”.

Colin Spence  (Full INTODogs member, ISCP Behaviour Practitioner)

“Kate has a very kind and gentle approach to our dog. Through the sessions that she has done with us we feel that our dog has made a great deal of progress, she has also enabled us to gain a lot more confidence and understanding of his behaviour, and how to try and work with him”

Dr Surya Gupta-Wright

Kate has been giving us ongoing support with our two dachshunds, one is a puppy and the other is a young adult. She has been amazing and has taught us some brilliant positive force free training techniques which have had an immediate impact - not least because she fixed their sleeping pattern overnight!! Kate clearly takes the time to understand the psyche and characteristics of each breed of dog she works with, which has allowed us to understand what prompts some of their behaviours. We would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for help with training or understanding their dog better - Kate is the best around!

Lucy Orhnial

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